Friday, 2 December 2011

Re-plant of SSG & SSG decoction

After the harvest of SSG that plant for 4 months. The balance left is the small leaves to keep for own consumption. Some stem is so small and need to cut away & replant again. If do not replant, the leave that grow will get smaller & smaller. I think it should take another 2-3 months to grow.

There is another way of consuming the leaves recommended by the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Dr we seeing now. He said the body is too weak/cold to consume the juice, and not suitable to take ginger as it it too heaty. So, better to do the decoction as below:

30 pieces of leaves
1 sweet date (not the small red date)

Boil with 2 bowl of water into 1 bowl of water

We try out the decoction, it smell nice. However, just feel that it may not as effective as the fresh juice extraction. Pls drop a comment if you do try out this decoction or share another way of consumption.

Besides, another advice from TCM Dr is to take a high dose of Vitamin C daily. It is advice to take from only fruit source such as Orange, Lemon, Kiwi and Grapefruits.

Pineapple is another fruits that found to have bromelain enzyme that known to break the internal scarring of cells. There is another enzyme "serrapeptase". I can't find it in Malaysia. After some calculation, the daily consumption plus the shipping is very expensive. There is some side effect too.Therefore we decide to take on the fruits source which is from pineapple & papaya. Another one would be from "Nattokinase" which is very expensive from organic shop around RM400++ /bottle.

New diet include a papaya & pineapple once a week and mostly is Jaspine pineapple. Please take the middle stem & blend as juice as it contain the most of enzyme (as it is very hard to bite and very "sayang" (wasted) to throw away). I found an interesting article at this page below that recommend daily consumption for cancer patient:

Let's change the diet :)

Do some frequent blood test to keep the progress of the effectiveness of any treatment you are adopting now, it would help for you adjust the diet and most importantly be motivated by the decrease of the unfavorable indication level. You will be very happy and not so stress after the blood test. God bless :)