Thursday, 24 November 2011

SSG Photo uploaded!

SSG Photo

Thanks to Sunshine and rain everyday. The grass is growing fast. Especially with the compost made up of the fruit skin. We will normally store up the fruit skin, like apple, orange, lemon which is the daily juice component in a tupperware and put in fridge. Will stored up like 2/3 tupperware then only make compost.

Planning to buy a WormOrganic from this website to speed up the process of compost.
Yet to check out the price of the WormOrganic. However, it's sound logic to have the worm and snail to do the "digestion" of the fruit skin and turn into "nutrient".

And the the ladyfinger plant from that website look so strong. I suppose will plant 1 ladyfinger in future too... though i don't really like to eat lady finger. Smile

Here's some update on the photo taken for SSG!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Fresh Sabah Snake Grass Supply

Dear All,

I have plant some SSG for own consumption. Now, would like to sell the leave and stem/plant at LOW price to raise some medical fees.

Anyone would like to get the supply can contact me at

Thanks & good day